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Quelle:  “Panzer für Palmölexterner Link von Birgit Gärtner am 30. Dezember 2012 bei telepolis

Plenty are bruised. There’s even a woman with broken bones after a police officer picked her up and threw her. This was the situation of the peaceful protest conducted by 2000 employees of PT Panarub Dwikarya, that produces Mizuno and Adidas shoes, Last July. 90% of their employees are mothers which are breadwinner for their families. After they were thrown out using tear-gasses and pushed out by police trucks, involving the police, security and hired thugs, 1300 of us were forcefully “resigned”. Because if they fire us, of course they would have to pay severance. (…) Several times we’ve sent letters to the Workforce Department in Tangerang about these violations of rights, but there was never a response. Mizuno and Adidas have publicly commited to protecting worker’s rights. Though in their agreements, no clear sanctions were mentioned. Its time they turn this commitment into reality by giving sanctions to Panarub Dwikarya in the form of order cuts…

Kurzlink: https://www.labournet.de/?p=20617
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