It’s 34,361 and rising: how the List tallies Europe’s migrant bodycount – Liste der Toten an den EU-Außengrenzen

Shame on you, Europe! Sea-Eye und Seefuchs: Protest im MittelmeerThe deaths do not just occur at sea – but in detention blocks, asylum units and even town centres. Here’s how the List is put together. (…) Some details of these depressing disasters have changed over the years – then, the victims were Albanians, and it was the Adriatic, not the Mediterranean, that was the death trap. But the similarities throw up a deeply uncomfortable truth: people have been dying while trying to get into Europe for more than 20 years. These stories, and thousands of others, have been collated by the Dutch NGO United for Intercultural Action over the years, in a document – the List – which the Guardian is publishing today, on World Refugee Day…” Article by Niamh McIntyre and Mark Rice-Oxley in The Guardian, 20 Jun 2018 externer Link – Der Guradian veröffentlicht die Liste der Toten an den EU-Außengrenzen, die “UNITED against racism” zusammengestellt hat