Gastarbeiter in China: Nordkorea vermietet sein Volk

Quelle:  Artikel von Bernhard Bartsch in der Frankfurter Rundschau vom 07.09.2012 externer Link

Sie sind gehorsam, billig und leidensfähig: Immer mehr Nordkoreaner werden als Gastarbeiter nach China geschickt. Ihre Einkünfte kassiert das Kim-Regime in der Heimat.   Siehe dazu:

  • North Koreans welcome here
    It was three o’clock on an early July afternoon. At a building in the specially-demarcated suburban development area in Tumen, a city of the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture in Jilin Province, a woman drags four bags full of unfinished clothes downstairs. A man guards the entrance while two others wait to take these bags to a garment processing factory in town. These are all Chinese staff, but on the second floor, more than 100 North Korean workers have been working since May. This clothing factory is fully enclosed with the gates locked from the inside…” Article by Wang Wenwen in Yanbian and Dandong on Global Times, published 2012-9-3 externer Link
  • N.Korean Workers Go AWOL in China [AWOL=absent without official leave; Red.]
    Several North Korean workers who were sent to China earlier this year have disappeared. The workers were sent to China as part of efforts to step up economic cooperation between the two countries. An informed source in China said “five or six” North Koreans who were working in factories and restaurants in Jilin, Tumen and Hunchun along the border with North Korea have disappeared. Chinese security forces are believed to be looking for them…” Meldung in der The Chsunilbo vom 20.07.2012 externer Link